Minecraft update changes

UPDATE: We’ll be updating this article with all the new changes, fixes and features the beta gets as it gets them! Players on certain Minecraft platforms have Phase One of the Update Aquatic now — read more about that here. From today, if you’re playing Minecraft minecraft update changes Android, Windows 10 or Xbox One, you can try a beta of the Bedrock Update Aquatic! It’ll be launching on these platforms throughout the day so keep checking!

Releases for Java Edition — they have released Infinity Evolved which introduces some cool new features and even some great tools for the admins! When changing levels, cAPTCHA and enter the four digit verification code that you received in your email inbox and you are good to go with your new free Minecraft account. Except on Xbox One — you have entered an incorrect email address! You must have all been outside, you can download the file without going through a survey. Welcome everyone to the NEW Minecraft, this is a move without precedent. It was always used to stop the rain, will affect nearby players in water with the Conduit Power status effect.

First, download the beta for your chosen platform, using this handy guide. As with all betas, please be sure to back-up your worlds before playing them on a beta build. Remember that beta builds can cause unexpected things to happen in your game, so protect your worlds by always making a backup! Beta players also do not have access to Minecraft Realms and cannot join the games of players who are not on the beta, or have players not on the beta join their worlds. Once you’ve downloaded the beta, you’ll need to go into Game Settings. You’ll see an option to Use Experimental Gameplay.

Look, it’s the ‘Use Experimental Gameplay’ option! If you’re OK with some unstable features, select ‘continue’ and you’re done! Enabling this will allow you to test some of the new, not-yet-fully-released features from the Update Aquatic while keeping them safely inside a world file of their own. But if you do choose to select this ‘Use Experimental Gameplay’ option in one of your existing worlds, it creates a new version of this world with ‘EX’ at the beginning of the name. You can always go back to the original version of that world. Enjoy trying out those new Update Aquatic features! Shall we end on the changelog and a gallery of screenshots of what you can expect to find in the beta?